Monday, June 18, 2012

My Inbox

Examples of what not to do when contacting me on any of my online profiles... and yes, these are all real first contacts.

Example #1
"Hi-- I'm 32, and I've never been drunk in front of anyone. No one. I spent years being too afraid of myself to ever try. Two days ago, I tried, but alone. I'm considering trying again-- that is, this time find someone to talk to, and, get drunk admit things I've never admitted. Talk about things I've never talked about. I'm not gay, but I want, for first time, to come "out of the closet" to a total stranger about my sexuality, which I logically know is not immoral but I irrationally feel total shame over it. Would you hear my "confession", so I can perhaps heal some of my life-long wounds, or learn to be more accepting of psychological scars, rather than thinking of my scars as revolting to others? I'm not local, I'm not who you're probably looking for. But even if you can't deliever me to freedom from my own shame, perhaps you can deliver me to someome who brings me a step closer to the healing I need."

Example #2
"Wow you are hot as hell. Is it bad that I want a girlfriend I can treat like a princess, and who will let me watch her with black dudes?"

Example #3
"bisexual crossdressing male looking to open minded friends"

Example #4
"I would love to suck your husbands cock while you watched!!"

Example #5
"MWM, 59, 6'1 220 Alpha in xxxx 2 times in April--would love to see how compatible we may be"

Example #6
"thank you for adding me to your first list well if you would like to be friends with me and also to have chat with me, you can fine my web ids on my profile hope to chat with you very soon"

Example #7
"Hello there. I would like to talk to you and get to know you. Maybe W/we could be a match. you seem to be looking for the same things I am. messege Me back"

Examples #8, 9 and 10 (all from the same person in less than a week - with no response from me)
"hi there, saw you on the xxx group, figured i would say hi. you seem to be like me in a few ways so i figured we could talk some."

"Hello a few months back we had tried to start talking i am still very intreasted in you as a play partner. we seem to like alot of the same things. your profile picture prompts me to desire to give it a good spanking."

"We tried to start a conversation a few months back but neither of us had time as i was going through my messages i noticed your profile god i want to get with you some time an give you a good spanking."

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